Computer Architecture Simulation Tools

TurboSMARTSim Codebase
version 2.1
Note: Requires gcc-2.95.3 to compile.

Flexus Codebase
version 4.1.0
Note: Requires gcc-4.x to compile.

CloudSuite Software
CloudSuite on Flexus
CloudSuite Simics images

Simics images of CloudSuite applications installed on up-to 64 cores. To get a copy of the images, please send an email to cloudsuite-admin(at)groupes(dot)epfl(dot)ch, you will be provided with an account to access and download the images.

CloudSuite Benchmarks
[CloudSuite Downloads]

Benchmark Toolkits
DBmbench Database Microbenchmarks
version 1.0

Links to External Software
Required for Flexus
[Virtutech Simics 3.0.31]
[GCC 4.1.0]
[Boost 1.33.1]