Week Date Topic Presenter(s) Slides
#1 Sep. 18 Introduction Anne-Marie, Babak, Martin PDF
#2 Sep. 25 Benchmarks and Analytics Tao, Mario PDF
#3 Oct. 02 Parameter Servers Adrian, Mario PDF
#4 Oct. 09 Large Scale ML Frameworks Adrian, Adrian PDF
#5 Oct. 16 Distributed Training with GPUs and ML for systems Viktor, Periklis PDF
#6 Oct. 23 Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent Iason, Kshitij PDF
#7 Oct. 29 Training with Low-precision Gradients Sharareh, Tao PDF
#8 Nov. 05 Training with Low-precision Gradients Kshitij, Thijs PDF
#9 Nov. 12 Deep Learning with Low-precision Computations Sharareh, Ahmet PDF
#10 Nov. 19 Distributed IMAGENET Training Kshitij, Viktor
#11 Nov. 26 Domain Specific Languages for ML Thijs, Fengyun
#12 Dec. 03 Domain Specific Languages for ML Iason, Fengyun
#13 Dec. 10 Hardware Accelerators for Deep Learning Periklis, Ahmet
#14 Dec. 17 Security Viktor, OPEN