What is the submission system?

We will use Evernote to collect all the deliverables (paper critiques, presentation critiques and presentations). Therefore, if you do not have an Evernote account please follow the instructions below. If you already have an Evernote account, skip the first step and jump to step 2 directly.

1- Get an Evernote account (www.evernote.com). You just need to give your email address and define a password.

2- Let the TAs know your email address you used for creating the Evernote account.

3- You will receive an email notification from Evernote saying that we have shared a notebook with you. Just click 'reply in Evernote' and you should see your Notebook, which you will be using for submissions. The name of the Notebook will be "CS716 - YourLastname".

How to submit the deliverables?

Any submission in Evernote is just a "Note" in your CS716 Notebook. Whenever you create a new "Note" in your CS716 Notebook, we will be able to see it. To create a new submission, just click on "+ New Note" and copy paste the critique format from the templates we shared with you and write your critique. Once you are done, just make sure that Evernote is synchronized and your note is in your CS716 Notebook.

If you are submitting your presentation before the class, attach a PPT or PDF file in a new note titled "Week #N Presentation".

You can use Evernote through its web client www.evernote.com, desktop, mobile and tablet apps.