CS 716 Reading List

  • Please submit your critiques before 5pm on Wednesdays
  • Week
    #1Feb. 19: Introduction
    #2Feb. 26: No class - Traveling
    #3Mar. 05: Applications
    PDF (1) On the use of inexact, pruned hardware in atmospheric modeling (Phil. Trans. R. Soc'14)
    PDF (2) ApproxHadoop: Bringing Approximations to MapReduce Frameworks (ASPLOS'15)
    #4Mar. 12: PL & Compilers (Automatic Techniques)
    PDF (1) Managing performance vs. accuracy trade-offs with loop perforation (FSE'11)
    PDF (2) Randomized accuracy-aware program transformations for efficient approximate computing (POPL'12)
    #5Mar. 19: PL & Compilers (Automatic Techniques)
    PDF (1) SAGE: self-tuning approximation for graphics engines (MICRO '13)
    PDF (2) Paraprox: Pattern-Based Approximation for Data Parallel Applications (ASPLOS '14)
    #6Mar. 26: PL & Compilers (Language-based Techniques)
    PDF (1) Green: a framework for supporting energy-conscious programming using controlled approximation (PLDI '10)
    PDF (2) EnerJ: approximate data types for safe and general low-power computation (PLDI'11)
    #7Apr. 02: PL & Compilers (Language-based Techniques)
    PDF (1) Verifying Quantitative Reliability for Programs That Execute on Unreliable Hardware (OOPSLA'13)
    PDF (2) Chisel: Reliability- and Accuracy-Aware Optimization of Approximate Computational Kernels (OOPSLA'14)
    #8Apr. 09 : No class - Easter break
    #9Apr. 16: Hardware & Architecture
    PDF (1) Architecture support for disciplined approximate computing (ASPLOS'12)
    PDF (2) Quality Programmable Vector Processors for Approximate Computing (MICRO'13)
    #10Apr. 23: Hardware & Architecture
    PDF (1) Neural Acceleration for General-Purpose Approximate Programs (MICRO'12)
    PDF (2) BRAINIAC: Bringing Reliable Accuracy Into Neurally-Implemented Approximate Computing (HPCA'15)
    #11Apr. 30: Hardware & Architecture
    PDF (1) Load Value Approximation (MICRO’14)
    PDF (2) Approximate storage in solid-state memories (MICRO'13)
    #12May. 07: Systems
    PDF (1) Grass: Trimming stragglers in approximation analytics (NSDI'14)
    #13May. 14 : No class - Ascension
    #14May. 21: Systems
    PDF (1) BlinkDB: Queries with Bounded Errors and Bounded Response Times on Very Large Data (Eurosys'13)
    PDF (2) Monitoring and Debugging the Quality of Results in Approximate Programs (ASPLOS'15)
    #15May. 28: Systems
    PDF (1) The Power of Choice in Data-Aware Cluster Scheduling (OSDI'14)