Day Topic Slides
Feb. 18 Introduction PDF
Feb. 25 Basic Architecture PDF
Mar. 04 Performance and Efficiency PDF
Mar. 11 Mutual Exclusion 1 PDF
Mar. 18 Mutual Exclusion 2 PDF
Mar. 25 Synchronization 1 PDF
Apr. 01 Synchronization 2 PDF
Apr. 08 Easter Holiday
Apr. 15 Midterm
Apr. 22 Concurrent Data Structures 1 PDF
Apr. 29 Concurrent Data Structures 2 PDF
May. 06 Scheduling & Work Distribution PDF
May. 13 CUDA 1 PDF
May. 20 CUDA 2 PDF
May. 27 Wrap up and Examples PDF

Note: A preliminary version of the lecture slides will be available every week prior to the lecture. Please make sure that you eventually download the final version of the slides, which will replace the preliminary slide version after each lecture.